Sorting an array of numbers

Ok, so how would you sort an array of numbers?

In PHP:  sort($myArray);

In Javascript:  myArray.sort();

Simple right?  In my nearly 10 years in software development I have never once had the need to write a sorting algorithm.  Yet for some stupid reason, I am invariably asked to write a sorting algorithm on a whiteboard at just about every interview I’ve ever had.  Well, Here you go..  Study this useless piece of code so you can land your next job.  Have fun!

function bubble_sort($arr) {
    $size = count($arr);
    for ($i=0; $i<$size; $i++) {
        for ($j=0; $j<$size-1-$i; $j++) {
            if ($arr[$j+1] < $arr[$j]) {
                $tmp = $arr[$j];
                $arr[$j] = $arr[$j+1];
                $arr[$j+1] = $tmp; 
    return $arr;


Posted Friday, October 30th, 2015 under whiteboard.

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